Safety &

Zero Tolerance Safety Culture
Dedicated safety professionals are found at every Kirlin Design Build project site and office.  These experts work closely with our Risk Management professionals to ensure maximum productivity in the safest means possible. We conduct specialized, ongoing Safety Training for all our employees. We audit our jobs on a regular basis to verify compliance with industry-required standards such as OSHA and the Corps of Engineers. We also add our own, more stringent safety standards within our Safety Program.
  • Experience MOD rate at least 15 points below industry average since 2001.
  • Recordable injury rate at least 20% below comparable operations.
  • Safety awards and recognition from numerous organizations.
Hierarchy of controls
Safety Drives Quality
Adhering to the belief there is a strong relationship between safety and quality performance, safe work planning sets a project up for first-time-quality and minimizes the opportunity for rework. Utilizing the hierarchy of controls during the project planning process ensures safety is built into our execution plan. Our planning, combined with our active management process for achieving a Zero Tolerance Safety Culture target of ZERO incidents, creates an environment and culture to ensure our craft, our management, our functional staff and our leadership team all go home in the same condition they arrived to work each day. At Kirlin Design Build, we value our people, integrity and accountability, and within that Safety is First.