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Tampa International Airport ConRAC and APM Projects

Tampa, FL

The Tampa International Airport (TPA) was running out of spaces for rental cars in Short Term and Long Term Parking. This was due rental car companies utilizing the lower levels to store some cars, while the rest of their fleet was stored, cleaned, and repaired miles away. TPA also had the issue of having to utilize buses to shuttle people from the economy parking garage to the main terminal. To help fix the congestion this caused, ConRAC (Consolidated was built to store all of the rental cars. ConRAC also has car washes, vacuums and any other necessities required to maintain a fleet of rental cars. Along with ConRAC we added APM or Automated People Mover terminals called APM 1, APM 2, APM 3, & APM 4. These terminals stop at the Main Airport Terminal (APM 1), the economy parking garage (APM 2), the ConRAC for rental cars (APM 3), and finally APM 4 which is the tram maintenance building. These improvements provide additional capacity to allow for future growth for the rental car companies and make transit from the economy parking garage to the main terminal easier.

At TPA Kirlin was contracted to perform the HVAC mechanical work. This included the installation of 4 chillers, 3 cooling towers, 9 pumps, 33 Air Handling Units, 2 Blower Coil Units, 69 Fan Coil Units, 9 Energy Recovery Units, 28 Split-System, 155 Air Terminal Units, and 112 Fans across 5 different building on a job site spread out almost 4 miles. We also have ran several thousand feet of pipe with 2000 feet of underground pipe, all of which had to be welded together.