Featured Project

Cyxtera TPA1

Tampa, FL

Cyxtera TPA1 is a N+1 Data Center located in Tampa, FL.  The facility’s four air cooled chillers serving the data center along with the chilled water insulation needed to be replaced.   Kirlin’s scope consisted the replacement of the existing chillers and re-insulation of the HVAC piping and equipment.

This scope included the removal and re-installation of four (4) existing 400-ton Air Cooled Chillers. The chillers could only be replaced one at a time to maintain the N+1 requirement of the data center.  A visual inspection of the piping was performed during the removal and re-insulation the Chilled Water Piping.

During the inspection of the Chilled Water piping, we found that the drainpipe and valve coming off the Air Separator had corroded. Since a shutdown was not possible, the client requested that we come up with a solution to replace it while keeping the system running.  The challenge was there were no isolation valves around the Air Separator. Kirlin devised a plan to build a full-size bypass around the air separator. To tie in the Bypass, we had to perform a 14” Hot Tap. Once the bypass was installed, we then inserted three 14” line stops (one on each side) of the Air Separator and one in the Decouple Loop. We then installed an Isolation valve on each side of the Air Separator and replaced the drainpipe and valve.

Kirlin completed this project successfully with zero loss-time incidents and without any impact to the owner’s or their clients’ operations.

As the prime contractor on site, Kirlin managed all sub-contractors.