Featured Project

Charlotte International Airport

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the nation’s 10th busiest airport based on passenger traffic and has increased by nearly 40% during the past decade, reaching 46 million in 2017.  According to an analysis commissioned by the airport and conducted by UNC Charlotte’s Center for Transportation Policy Studies, CLT generates $16.2 billion annually for the regional economy.

This project consisted of the construction of nine gates north of Concourse A to accommodate expanding air service and replace several existing gates.​ The project also included construction of the concrete ramp and taxi lanes needed to operate the new gates. The four passenger restrooms are 25% more spacious than their current counterparts .

Building a state of the art airport terminal involved with the access to the systems for specific maintenance requirements for the owner led to an extremely detailed Building Information modeling process (BIM). In fact, all of the plumbing systems total almost four miles piping.  This is an extraordinary amount of pipe given the footprint of the building.  In order to ensure a high quality installation with this degree of pipe density and such complex mechanical systems, Kirlin employed several critical techniques such as:

  • Prefabrication of racked piping assemblies
  • BIM modeling with full content based software
  • Created detailed labor charts and labor curves, extracted from the Quickpen estimate, early in the project life cycle to preplan material delivery and manpower

Kirlin was especially successful utilizing the prefabrication of the public restroom plumbing fixture systems. The batteries were assembled in our Greensboro fabrication facility, delivered to the project site, wheeled into the designated areas, and bolted into place. The fabrication of these assemblies allowed for extreme quality control to ensure that the proper elevations and sloped piping were maintained.